Maybe, structuring time and information in this way, actually limits our potential instead of helping us achieve something.

What if the world started to think about information differently. We may have broken it down by all the wrong logic… Maybe we should be open to another logic about information.

The linear nature in which we manage time and activities may be supported more effectively if we could break out of the inbox/calendar rule.

I waffle a lot on the need for structure vs. something more free form. Structure is great if you know what you want and how to get.

Structure is confining and limiting if you haven’t a clue. Organizations often have a structure, but they don’t necessarily have a clue. It is often a borrowed structure with borrowed rules.

It is not always designed for people or the organization to achieve it goals, if it even has goals.

The general rule of thumb is that following others best practices and muddling along is better than flailing about trying to create something brand new.

The current information management paradigm is not quite right. The focus on the cloud and mobil work from anywhere apps is more the how of information management rather than the what of information management.

Since we are producing so much information, we are just kind of storing it and figuring out if we will use it later…

Search tools can help, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. It is really the story that matters.