A long time ago, my father told me something like this, “the key to good leadership is figuring what information is the truth and acting on it.”

This was excellent advice that still influences me to this day. The challenge now is that information moves faster and truth is probably more of a continuum than an absolute.

I am not sure that there was ever anything like an universal truth. It may seem like there is or maybe if your life is insular enough, you don’t encounter too many things that challenge your version of the truth. Of course, your version of the truth might be the right one.

Now with the networked world we are exposed to many different ideas that may or not be true…This makes everything just a little bit more difficult. When seemingly contradictory things can both be true at the same time, this tends to put people in bad moods.

Individually, most of us still hold on to the idea that some things are true and others are not. While in a lot of ways this helps us cope and helps us to frame decisions to get us through, it also tends to create truth bubbles that blind us to other perspectives and insights.

Seeing that there are multiple truths is powerful way to cope with our daily reality.