How do you queue?

There is so much unconscious queuing in our daily lives.

We make queues without even thinking about it. Most people’s to do lists (if you make them) are series of batches and queues.

We do interesting things to try to unintentionally optimize the batches and queues, but most of the time we don’t even realize that is what we are doing.

While small batch activities have become all the rage in some things like baking and brewing, there is still a large batch mentality in a lot of activities.

All to do lists are usually a mix of queues of a priorities and batch sizes. Small batch, high priority items are easy to knock out. Big batch low priority items tend to linger.

It gets more complicated when you can’t agree on the priority with other influencers of your to do list.

Negotiating priorities is always challenging because everyone is looking for something that feels like an optimum to themselves.

We are not an island of to dos. Most of us have something that is either depending on us or we are depending on them.

And unfortunately, everyone is making their own queues somewhat independently of each other so that is somewhat sub- optimal as well.