How did we get to a place where we actually have a protocol that uses other computers to process data on other computers and somehow this earns some currency that has value.

The funniest thing about the Blockchain ( and Blockchain has a lot of funny elements) is the fact that it is supposedly an immutable ledger if transactions…


That is just what the world needs now. An immutable ledger.

What are you supposed to do about mistakes in an immutable world. Just scribble corrections and put new info on top of other existing information. This could lead to more ambiguity rather than less

This seems like a great way to document every event and transaction throughout history.

While, I know there are good reasons why data, even if it is incorrect, can’tbe easily overwritten once it has been saved, but it still boggles my mind sometimes the hoops you have to go through to fix obvious errors.

It is through this lens, that the idea of immutability seems absurd.

I admit that I don’t understand how Blockchain works. I even appreciate the idea that it creates a trail of transactions that can’t be fraudulently modified. That has value.

But in a world where data is very messy, I am not sure that Blockchain is taking us down to cleaner, clearer data.

Data brings ambiguity and nuance not clarity.

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