We know it is bad. And the bad runs really deep.

You can almost default to bad, and anything better than really bad is acceptable.

The goal, it seems, is to convey just enough information in the shortest amount of time.

And share it widely.

But it is all about the loop… Keep people in the loop whether they want to be in the loop or not. What are you supposed to do when you are in the loop?

How carefully do you pay attention to the things you are cc’d on? Especially, if you didn’t ask to be kept in the loop.

How responsible are you for outcomes if you were in the loop but didn’t actively participate?

Should you actively opt out? Should you actively participate? Should you just ignore it?

Of course, sometimes there are people that you actively want to keep out of the loop. There are some good reasons and some bad reasons for this.

The act of choosing the loop is a very big decision, but that is probably done by some hierarchy and customs as opposed to really conscious effort.

There is a whole lot of looping going on and the more you can be aware of the looping as it happens the more useful it could be