The content creation paradigm is outdated.

There are so many products and different ways of buying those products (increasingly subscription-based). We have tools for:

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation tools
  • Desktop Publishing/Graphics
  • Financial tools
  • Programming tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Databases, etc.

And the funny thing is, almost all of the offerings in the market provide a lot of the same functions with the same dividing lines between software applications.

While the tools have a lot of great capabilities, is this the best way to get work done? Is this the best division of labor? The tools align with the skills and the skills align with the tools.

Ultimately, we are all creating content or we are creating tools to create content. The content is in different forms and formats. In the end, we want to create content that educates and persuades a target audience. Grouping the right content together to product the most effective content for the respective audience is the goal.

A program to create written documents is great as far as that goes, but the reality is that we tend to get so focused on the tools that we forget the purpose of the content. Content comes in many forms and formats.

If we start to think about information creation differently and from the perspective of the ultimate end user. the tools that we use to produce content might look very different. The premise of the original “Office Suites” was interoperability. But now “Office Suites” are outdated it seems like we need a new content creation paradigm to inform and persuade.

Rather than taking specialized content from one application and putting into other formats, why not start thinking about the best way to create the content that you need in the format that you need.

Photo by narratosocial