In a world that seems to be presented without context, where does any real meaning come from?

Context is the starting point of a story, but context is infinite. Any event at any point in time in any location can be the starting point of information.

Attempts to reconcile this information is exponentially more difficult with more people contributing to it. Sometimes this is called diversity, but other times it is a cluster.

The reconciled information that comes out of this process doesn’t necessarily represent the truth better than any other reconciliation process.

With information there is always a time zero and there is never a time zero. If you start right now on the timeline what context can you possibly have.

The management of information needs a context. However, context is another piece of information that is something that is created.

Others try to help with creating the context by providing frameworks and templates. While this is helpful, it misses the point.

Information is all based on context. Context is not fixed, so all information has a wide range of variability which makes it harder to interpret it. has a pretty good sense of the context of their information so they can make some good guesses as to what happens next.

But even drops the information ball more often than they care to admit.

And this all comes back to the problem of Google and finding information that exists in the first place.