What is the cadence of data? Cadence is a concept from both theory of constraints (Eli Goldratt) and lean manufacturing (Womack, Jones, others) that is used to sync the operations of the factory floor to the pace of the slowest operations.

The idea behind this kind of pacing is that it avoids backlogs building up before the slowest operation in your organization.

Is there a data backlog in your organization? How fast does data come in? How fast does it get processed? Where does data wait if it is not processed.

And what does processed really mean?

Does it mean that the data has been looked at and interpreted or did it end up in a queue to be process.

On one hand, the data comes in is only as fast as your network bandwidth. But that is not the only way that the data goes in and out of your organization. Data is also generated inside your organization – and what happens with this data.

The question to think about whether there is a way to to figure out the data cadence in your organization and use that to set the real pace of your operations.

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