Time to put on your focus blinders and get stuff done. There is a lot to do. Lots to look at and a lot to read

Many small yet multifaceted activities to do. Curate information from one screen to another screen. Fill in Form A with information from Document B, then receive confirmation email that the activity had occured. Some transactions create a multiplicity of confirmation messages that just increase the cognitive drain.

Email received, order received, order processed, order ready to ship, order shipped, order delivered and order follow up. This seems like great customer service. Lots of communication through the process. The only issue is that it lacks any humanity…

Sometimes the messages are well scripted so it is a little more fun, but when you the same script in subsequent emails the novelty wears off.

Novelty is overrated. While some people gravitate to the new and exciting, others like to stick with the tried and true. Change for change sake and resistance to change are both real. Sometimes even the same person at the same time…What can you do?

The point is that we are coping with information that is coming at us in any order that it is convenient for the sender. And there are multiple senders working on their own agenda. We all make our own prioritization queues for dealing with the bits of information coming our way.

Blocking out distractions is very hard to do. It requires focus blinders to keep our mind on the tasks at hand.