As a society, we have more classifications and hierarchies than we know what to do with. But the thing is that these can also be refined even more.

Sure hierarchies and classifications are useful.

But every new hierarchy or classification creates exponentially more complexity.

And because the complexity is hidden, the temptation to add more complexity is hard to resist.

Sometimes digital systems obfuscate complexity. It is just one more item in a drop down field somewhere.

While the software does a decent job of keeping the data in a database, the human keeping track of the database and understanding what is actually in the database has a really hard job tracking, documenting and cascading the relevant information that may be impacted by this addition.

Developing systems that humans can manage in real time as data complexity continually compounds is really the next level challenge for organizations as they try to keep up with the pace of information.

And I guess this where artificial intelligence comes in…It is analysis and decision making at the speed of data…

And it is really a judgement call if this is better than an experienced human analyzing the information and making the decisions at the speed of humans.

A good case can be made either way.