Forms, forms and more forms.

Truly, they are a form of delusion. The answer to everything seems to be to create a form that captures the needed information.

Forms are a great place to hide text and clauses that people probably won’t read. You can probably get them to sign off on the document too.

The exponential growth of form collection, especially e-forms was definitely influenced by Covid-19 protocols.

The medical industry loves forms.  There is so much information randomly jotted down on forms prior to medical appointments.

There is so much information recorded in medical visits, but I also wonder how much precious attention is paid to the forms.

How much time is spent reading them?

How much time and effort is spent filling them out?

How much information is preserved for future use?

And finally how much of the information is used for other purposes.

While I understand how getting more information can be valuable, and forms provide a kind of standardization of information. It is mass production thinking to rely on forms. It just makes so much sense for standardizing information, but it is so limiting and reduces the odds of really finding something out.