The essence of what I have been talking about on this site are the challenges of information management and how we are mostly on the wrong track…

It recently dawned on me that the problem is that information and time are infinite, but are resources to manage them are finite.

I can always learn more. I can learn more from sources that I already know, and I can learn more from sources I don’t know yet. I can decide what I think makes sense and keep building on that with the knowledge that I may be completely wrong.

That takes effort and time. It is not something that I have the resources or the ability to do well on my own. I have created a Discord server to build on this issue.

Everybody has something to add. I don’t think that there is a single answer to this question. It is philosophical. It is a combination of human psychology and political persuasion.

The only possible answer is the existence of an omniscient being. Absent that, there is a Discord server that you can join here to discuss all this absolutely mind blowing stuff.