The more information that you generate, the more information that you have to track.

It is a cycle, but I am not sure that it is virtuous. Yet, it is hard to argue against. More information by definition helps you make more informed decisions.

And worse than that, people look at different information and they view the same information through a different lens.

The same information shared among different people leads to different insights especially if the individuals have different training and backgrounds.

Some companies have a ‘way’ that they try to embed in their employees. The Toyota way, the Amazon way, the Google way, etc. These ‘ways’ can be very effective at institutionalizing mindsets and bringing in diverse sets of ideas but still staying focused.

But other times these ways can create blindspots and cause organizations to miss things. The Kodak way, the Polaroid way might have been too narrowly focused.

Since all organizations are information generating machines and decisions about what information is important are being made every second at every level of the organization, this is not a question to take lightly.


Photo by 416style