The old jobs to be done theory…

Clayton Christensen made it famous, but Tony Ulwick came up with the framework.

The basic idea is that you hire products to do jobs for you. You might hire a product to play recorded music for you. You might have hired a phonograph player, moved to a tape player, to a CD player, and then to a MP3 player etc…

In IT, you hire a bunch of products to do jobs for you. There are jobs to move data, jobs to scan data, jobs to produce data, jobs to analyze data and jobs to help your employees be productive wherever they are.

The thing is that you really want to hire technology to do just one job. Save you time and make your job and life easier. The question is whether IT is really doing any such thing. It seems to be good at creating job for its associated services.

With good AI on the horizon, there is no doubt that we will start seeing the real benefit soon…But what job are we hiring AI to do?

AI has a very broad job description. On one hand it is very broad and not all that useful. But there are other applications where AI is highly specialized and helpful.

The reality is that we will have multiple AIs and they probably won’t talk to each other with enough context to be useful.

Hiring a team of AIs to do a bunch of different jobs for me sounds like a full time job