Do  you  ever  feel  like  you are  just  force  fitting  what  you  want to  do into  digital  form

Digital  offers  many  advantages. But  many  of these advantages are  illusory

The  ability to quickly copy, alter  and  exchange  information  its digital form is pretty remarkable, but the advantages  dissipate  when everyone  else  has  access  to  the  same tools.

Maybe  you are better at using these tools. Maybe  you were an early adopter and gained an advantage…But if you are using the same tools,the same way as everyone else, how are you any better off?

Early adopters on the right platforms do gain some advantages, but in the end IT seems like it is some kind of Ponzi scheme.

Those that join later may miss out on the many advantages that the early adopters gain. It doesn’t mean that it is too late, but it just means that it is harder to standout.

In some businesses, there is just some IT that is expected just as a cost of doing business. Customers now expect to be able to interact via the web, email, apps and text. These tools have very little to do with the core business of providing food, but it is now a cost of doing business.

The end to end digital transaction system with lots of intermediaries in between may be necessary for now, but there sure seem to be a lot of entities involved in ordering a pizza for delivery.

This might just be how the digital ecosystem creates new value or it might be an example of how IT just sucks.