The leverage from information technology comes from the information not the technology.

Anyone can buy the technology, but information is where the unique value is.

The fascinating thing about information is that it doesn’t always lead to the same insights or the same output. The value is in the difference.

While software will generally take the same information and produce the same result. This consistency is great for some types of work, but it is terrible for innovation. This is merely processing information. Perhaps some results outside the normal range are found, and this is potentially valuable. The outlying information is worth investigating for any oddities or opportunities it reveals.

Humans can take the same information and produce all kinds of different conclusions and insights. This variability is the source of both errors, but also new approaches to old problems.

Of course, humans develop different software to manage the same information and it produces some different results. The same software produces different results sometimes, but this is because there was a subtle change in one of the inputs. This is dangerous. Big decisions are made on flawed data and flawed analysis.

If everyone is getting the same output from information, there is no way that you are to get any lasting advantage. The advantage comes from different interpretations of the same information.

Producing unique insight is the key way to get leverage from information. But it has to be insight that resonates with an audience. Finding a unique kernel of insight that resonates is something to build on. Not every insight is valuable.