Where did I actually save that file? Did I actually just lose two hours worth of work? It has to be here somewhere… Don’t tell me that I just overwrite my latest changes with the version from a week ago….

No where is that backup? What version should I restore?

Where did my day go?

That we still work with files and file names after all this time is still kind of amazing.

But the file still rules the computer. I don’t know what replaces the file. We might come up a new label, but chances are we will still be file centric. Gmail with labels helped us get passed folders in email, but it has not done the same thing with files.

While social media has the stream and blockchain has ledger, the file/document live on as the mechanism of official business.

As computing moves to the cloud, the file/document still remains at the heart of our work.

We will still be dealing with files that get lost files even though they are not really lost.