The big problem with information technology is that masks complexity in the name of managing it.

The complexity and interrelationship of data ks almost lost once it is embedded into code and expected to follow specific rules.

Sometimes the relationship is obvious and direct on the surface, but the reality may be different than that.

Information management has often been about reduction. Reducing data down to its smallest pieces to convey the most information with the least of bandwidth.

Unfortunately, this method of communication requires a fair bit of mutually understood encoding. And it all parties to the information need to know the code. In many ways, this explains the very specialized disciplines in the world.

I can’t explain it to you, it is too complicated. This is just another to mask complexity. Reducing complexity is a common practice intended to increase understanding.

Of course, in the act of simpliflying important nuance is lost. The loss of nuance cascades through the system as more and more information is lost.

The move intelligent software is just another potentially treacherous fork in the world. The more that we let the computers do the understanding for us, the less we are going to know

Maybe in the end, AI augments the human experience by allowing us to deal with the complexity. But in today’s world, information technology merely masks complexity to our own peril.

It is a complex world and information management represents only a fraction of reality that lends itself to be captured.