The last thing the world needs is another email newsletter.

I have resisted doing this for a long time because the subject matter doesn’t lend itself to a standard email newsletter format. There is not a lot of news, “how to’s” or best practices to push out there on a regular basis. Yet the topic is infinite with no boundaries. There are rules, but, at best, they are flawed. Systems are finite with arbitrary boundaries.

The Antithesis

Trying to manage something infinite with no boundaries with systems that are bounded is not sustainable. The way that humans and ultimately groups of humans acquire, process and disseminate information is a perpetual challenge. Information and knowledge grow exponentially. Human systems improve incrementally.

The Wavelength is the only newsletter focused on the art and science of navigating information management in today’s data obsessed yet under-informed world. The point is that information technology is damaging true creativity and innovation by imposing an overarching digital superstructure on top of almost everything.

There is a time and a place for digital, but it is not the only place.

Hype-free, vendor agnostic, super-pragmatic and most importantly, human-centric approaches, insights, and pseudo insights for effectively managing information flow and communication in the post-industrial age workplace.