I am pretty sure that is a close paraphrasing of Google’s core mission.

But is that what it is actually doing. How do you organize the world’s information anyway?

It might actually be more accurately described as monetizing the world’s information…

Even though Google works hard to minimize people gaming the system, there is a certain conformity to a creating a standard of content that will rank well.

Sadly just because content is popular doesn’t automatically make it better content or more worthy of a higher ranking.

If I understand correctly, Google’s operating assumption is that if people click on a search result and stay on that page/site to dig deeper they are probably pretty happy.

It is not a bad assumption, but organizing the world’s information may actually be different than presenting options of pages based on search terms.

Finding the most up-to-date and currently accurate information is quite challenging considering how quickly things change and the amount of new information that comes online.

While Google is great at presenting different relevant results to your search query, this is very different than organizing information for the end user.

It is kind of like the last mile of a delivery route, figuring out which page has the information that you really need is entirely up to you.