What is perfect IT anyway?

We have been bending over backwards to change our ways to accommodate information technology.

Sometimes for the better…

But often times there are lots of compromises. The system doesn’t do it like that, but you can accomplish the same thing by doing it this way they tell you. It is true to a certain extent, but it may be a completely unnecessary change.

It is not seamless
It doesn’t make your organization elite and distinct
It takes time to implement
It costs money
It has unanticipated consequences

Sure it could streamline your current business in the way that you currently operate, but as we all know business models don’t last forever. Best practices change frequently. Change is expensive

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to automate some elements of your business, but don’t look for perfection.

Look for where it provides the most leverage. Basically, all tools give humans more leverage…Look for the small tools that provide the most leverage at the pain point closest to the customer and work backwards.

Once you worked all the way back, it is probably to start the process over again. This is a great chance to reevaluate if the assumptions have changed…If they have make the adjustments now. It is not necessary to wait to complete the leveraged process if you can see that your operating assumptions have changed.

IT is meant to be fluid. Despite the vendors that try to lock you in, give your systems nimble and adaptable.