Or is it act, check, do plan…

It really doesn’t seem to matter how much advance notice you have for some event or project. Somehow it always comes down to the wire. 

Maybe I just don’t know the right people, but it usually takes a heroic scramble at the end to get things done just in a nick of time.

Mistakes are made. Last minute adjustments are made. Things are forgotten. Vows to create better checklists are made. Sometimes these checklists are made, sometimes these checklists are followed. Sometimes these checklists get better and better. They get longer.

Eventually, like most things that become old hat, you stop paying full attention to them. Maybe they become automatic — like a reflex or maybe they become something long and tedious that you never look at. Becoming ingrained is good until it becomes an ingrained habit that is too hard to break.

I am definitely of two minds on this. I hate details, but I also hate when details that you know about get missed.

Creating systems that limit the opportunity for details to be missed is probably the ideal way of doing things. However, this is hard, but building systems around checklists is also difficulty.