It seems like it should be pretty scientific and straightforward. But information is anything but rational.

Information is weighed down by so much emotion and variation based on life experience.

How do you encode something that is open to interpretation?

It gets even harder when you realize that even supposedly static, older information is open to reinterpretation.

Every attempt to encode information is weighed down by some human bias. Maybe there are bits of information that really are straightforward. Maybe transaction information is pretty much what it is.

Transactional information combined with other behavioral information will tell you a story, but is that the right story?

The story world is a fantastical place where our narratives compete with other narratives to become our reality.

The stories give us context and a way to frame information that may just be a series of coincidences from a moment in time.

The idea of tidy, linear and rational information system may be completely unscientific.