Structure is so much more useful than unstructured data.

Structured data on the hand is often too rigid and inflexible to account for reality.

While there have been advances in using unstructured data in recent years, it still feels chaotic and less than helpful.

The dream has been to allow people to work in ways that feel natural to them, but still within some overarching structure.

Tools like Evernote and OneNote work well for that particularly for individuals.

Data intended to be shared in order to collaborate requires a whole other language and format.

This ends up giving us all kinds of contradictions. The better defined something is, the easier it is to model and build a process for it. The more amorphous it is, the harder it is to model.

As long as everything fits into the model, then everything can work fine. But if the assumptions in your model are off, you may be out of luck.

It leaves us in a bad for exceptions and puts it all back into human hands to interpret and correct if the system will allow it.

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