Information technology is dehumanizing while it cloyingly claims to personalize everything for us.

We are not really be treated as humans. We are be treated as clusters and segments.

We are being made to think that we are special, but we are so very much not. Whoever we are, we are not an individual. We are not an army of one or a market of one.

I am not even sure that we can really be all that individual anymore.

Being off on the frontier of the Internet is essentially an oxymoron. You can be unnoticed on the Internet, but I don’t know if there really is frontier. Being the first to use a platform doesn’t qualify you as a pioneer.

I set up this small site on the Internet that is fully in my control. But it is really nowhere. It is not a frontier. Am I blazing new trails for others to follow? Hardly.

Maybe Google is searching the words on the page, but there is nothing on this site that people are likely searching to find out…

However, if I fed some of this info into the algorithm machines of social media maybe somehow someone would find it.

Especially if I played the content manipulation game better.