Some say we are still at the beginning of the digital era, but the reality is that we are really at the end of this era, if it can really be called an era.

The idea of becoming digital is more an act of a translation than transformation. It is translating the nuance of the analog world into a series of 0s and 1s.

While we have gotten very good at moving bits and bytes around through the air and through wires, we haven’t gotten much better at organizing and using information.

Information is infinite. Encoding information into digital is also infinite…so as you can see it is a big problem. The surprising thing is that the way people write code is infinite too. Yet this leads people to write code for the same set of things even if the code is different. How many different to do list apps are there?

I guess this still mass production at work. But maybe this is why the trend to low code/no code is emerging to let people solve their own problems in their own craft ways.