The emergence of ChatGPT officially marks the beginning of the end of the information age (or maybe it is the end of the beginning)

ChatGPT goes beyond information and into the realm of ideas and thought.

Information is about sources and diversity. Is artificial intelligence going to give us more sources and more diversity or is it going to give us less.

Humans have always had a bias problem. Bias sometimes serves us well, but sometimes it blinds us to different viewpoints.

At some point decisions have to be made even if the information is incomplete.

Following one’s intuition and guessing right is just as much a part of human history as gathering all the information available and making the most rational decision possible.

How decisions will be made in the age of artificial intelligence remains to be seen. What does the algorithm do in the face of incomplete information? Is AI programmed to guess? Does it calculate all of the probabilities and come out with some optimal decision if all else goes to plan?

At some level, I think that a lot of people would like to abdicate decision making to some external authority (be it computers or some other leader), but not knowing the decision making process will make things tough on humans.