Information works on a lot of different scales and really does need to be weighted differently.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal guideline for rating information. All information is seen through some lens of bias (not to be confused with Len Bias).

Information in a business context is supposed to be more objective, but even here different human biases get in the way. The idea of information processing is a loaded concept.

Which information is processed? How is it processed? What happens to it after it is processed? Is there some kind of ‘hot dog’ that is made from information scraps.

The bias inherent in business creates a false confidence in data that can lead to a kind of myopia.

Data is hard to process when you are too close to it, but it is also difficult to process accurately when you are too far away from it.

Being aware that there is a scale of information helps to understand just how much how useful the information is for making decisions and judgements.