The other day I wrote a piece that could have been interpreted as anti-technology and in a way it was. It was really about the idea of force fitting technology into places where it doesn’t make much difference.

Technology for technology sake rarely makes a meaningful difference and can often be a distraction from other activities that could have a bigger impact in the performance if a business. Incrementally improving existing businesses by adding more technology is fine, but it may take away resources from  something with a much higher potential impact.

The Emerging Digital World

With digital currencies, digital properties and digital (smart) contracts. These three elements combine to form the basis of the true digital economy. This economy has everything that is needed to be self sustaining.  The complete cycle of commerce can happen in the digital world in an instant without the need for it to translate into the physical world.

While the digital world currently seems limited in terms of what it can do for basic survival tasks, it is opening up all kinds of new opportunities that I am not smart enough to imagine. That is why I write this blog.

When the complete cycle of commerce can all be completed in an online world that doesn’t need to pass through the physical world, we have a brand new world to explore.

This brand new world is teeming with infinite possibilities. Joe Pine and Kim Korn’s book Infinite Possibility is great start to think about all the new dimensions that are ripe for innovation.

Sure this is risky territory, but the opportunity for payback is quite large. Spend some time to think about how you can take something that you already do and bring it to life in the multiverse. Waiting until everything is more defined will be easier on one hand, but it will cost you more.

The multiverse is coming. And it is time to make a plan to explore it.