What you think is important is…

Probably not as important as you think it is at the moment.

We are all victims of some kind grand illusion of our own importance and the importance of things that we think are important.

And information technology is no exception to the delusion of importance.

The things that we think information technology can do.

The things that we know information technology can’t do.

The misleading and exaggerated claims of what technology will do in the future

And how we all dream…

Once we get System X implemented we want have to worry about Problem Y anymore.

It will be automated

It will be accurate

It will be secure

It will really help us scale

It will make us so efficient we will really be able to grow

Information technology is kind of funny. Too many people, it is seen as a necessary evil and cost center and just a cost of doing business.

To others technology is the business.

I am fond of saying that all of industry is an information business. Some of that information  is in your head and other are part of some technical system.

But inside every successful venture is some insight. The insight can be subtle, but it is this insight that makes your business just that much more valuable.

So in the end what you think is important is important and the real challenge is be able to make something happen based on that.