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High performing organizations have great information management practices that distinguish them from the rest of the pack. However, there is a big difference between great information management practices and having the latest/greatest information technology. Most organizations have information technology solutions that look more or less the same. Most organizations use the same hardware and software applications, so there must be something else that separates the best from the rest.

While many organizations state that technology is a key success factor for their mission, few companies truly internalize this mindset. Selecting tools and infrastructure is far less important than creating the information management practices that enable well-coordinated organizational productivity throughout and across all layers of the organization.

It could be Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Salesforce, Intuit, or one of few hundred other companies, the truth is, the tools don’t really matter. All of the tools are amazing. They dazzle you with features and scenarios of use, but they don’t really do the hard work for you.

Figuring out what information you need, when you need it, how to communicate it, how to store it, how to change it and how to protect it is the vital work of establishing great information management practices.


This is a big shift in mindset…and an even bigger journey. It is precisely because it is a such a big journey there aren’t many people willing to rethink the way organizations think about information management.

If more effort was dedicated to crafting an information and communication strategy rather than selecting applications for your organization, the end result may be far better.

The possibilities and opportunities are almost limitless. There is more than one way to organize information for humans and organizations, but the key is to build systems consciously with an understanding of the possibilities, limitations and potential trade-offs.

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This is where the art of design comes in. Great design is an art more than a science (despite the capabilities of Craiyon). Art is a process and truly great art is timeless. 

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