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This site focuses on the information behaviors of individuals and organizations in the age of artificial intelligence. Information management is not new with the computer age or the age of the Internet. It is a core human capability and is key to human survival. The systems that we have built for information management have evolved through the years, but humans still process information in largely the same way.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence in nearly all aspects of life this is an amazing opportunity to rethink how we think about how our minds and our collective minds process information.

I really don’t consider myself an expert in anything or on anything, but I have spent time and money with a lot of experts over the years.

Some of these people truly were experts while others may have just managed to glom onto something at the right time.

Here is the list of sources and influences that I have met in my many years writing newsletters, producing conferences and workshops and dreaming up new communities

My interest in information technology dates back almost 40 years…

True, I hated computer science in college…I can barely get a screen to say ‘hello world’ unless it is setting up a WordPress site…

But as a political science graduate with an interest in economics ( I have little use for either of those topics now), I am fascinated by the politics and economics of information management.

Information management and more importantly, information control is an intensely political issue with large economic consequences.

The control of information flow is really much more than a technology question and isn’t really solved by technology.