The boundaries between bits of work can be hard to define. And the blurriness of the boundaries is what makes it hard to digitize many processes. What are the constraints in an artificially constrained environment.

Much of our work these days is largely a symbolic representation of work through various forms of documentation.

And there is no doubt that coordinating documents is a lot of work. In some cases the documents actually convey information that represents something real that means something to all parties involved.

But in most cases, the documentation conveys information of low value. The documents are designed more to provide “clarity” about terms and conditions. Not to diminish the value of that, but it seems like there must be better ways on the planet to create value.

But maybe not, given the race by really rich people to get into space. This kind of reminds me of Toddler’s book talking about the economic fundamentals of time, space and knowledge all of which are infinite.

But the fun part of infinity is that things can be infinitely small and info on infinitely large. And if you get really deep, it is possible that infinitely small and infinitely big are the same thing.

But what the hell does this have to do with getting dumber?

In reality, not all that much. It just shows how much we ready don’t know and that if we do more to admit how much we don’t know, we might actually be a whole lot smarter.

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