It may just be that simple. It all comes down to packaging…

Packaging is a very powerful tool for consumer products. And it is very powerful in the world of ideas as well.

Information is packaged everywhere. All forms of the news is packaged. What is included, what is left out, what is emphasized and what is de-emphasized are strategic decisions? The packaging is designed not so much to inform, but to make the information attractive to an audience.

But the news is not the only information that is packaged. All information is packaged in some way… It is not a coincidence that information is transmitted in packets.

The funny thing about packaging is that it needs to be unpacked…While unpacking is one of those tired conversational cliches, it literally makes sense here.

The information needs to be unpacked layer by layer which allows for a certain degree of anchoring to take place as more information is revealed. This can make all the difference in how the information is received.

Not all the information is communicated with this level of intention, sometimes it is just together in a way that makes sense to the person who is sharing it.

But the key is that information is packaged for consumption for an audience.

As a producer of information or as a consumer of information, it is important to pay attention to how it is packaged.

Photo by // Manuel Garcia //