There are so many experts and specialists in the world. They have deep expertise in specific areas as well as a broad base of general knowledge that should help them make connections.

However, the problem is when the experts disagree and the adjacent experts jump in. At that point there is likely to be a lot of noise. The noise is not really a bad thing in and of itself. In all likelihood, the truths are somewhere in the noise.

As the X files said, the truth is out there, but unfortunately it requires some assembly. The pieces aren’t all in the same box and there is not a reliable assembly guide.

The fact that we live in a world with multiple possible truths, makes the job of information management and information consumption that much more challenging. Which set of truths do you use? Which set of truths does your colleague use? Which set of truth does accounting use, what about engineering, marketing or legal, etc.

Just by the definition of those disciplines, they will all construct ‘truth’ differently. Add some different life experiences and kaboom. It is a cluster.

The effort needed to come up with a reductionist version of some universal truth is not worth the effort, as that version of reality would not only suck, it would undoubtedly be bland as heck.

We have to learn to manage with the fact that there are multiple truths out there and that our information management systems need to adjust to that reality.