Waiting is inevitable…

Somewhere along the line, you will end up waiting. Waiting for something. Waiting for something. Waiting for information to be shared with you. Waiting for something to be discovered. Waiting for something to go away.

But there are a lot variables involved in waiting.

If you added up all the time spent waiting it would be positively stunning.

Lead times stacked on lead times, activities are started to fill in the idle time while you are waiting…But these activities that fill in blank space end up adding to their own wait times.

The wait times stack on each other. Time is both limited and infinite, so it really messes with your head.

And the activities filling up these wait times probably weren’t that important anyway…but you just can’t do nothing while you wait…

So while waiting may be unavoidable, nothing is worse than avoidable waiting.

But eliminating avoidable waiting may be more costly than the cost of the wait time itself, so I guess that brings me to the good old cost of delay…If you want to have real fun, check out Don Reinertsen or Preston Smith if you want more detail on the magic of the cost of delay.

Waiting has a cost and not waiting has cost. And that cost is different for every person…